Pilates classes in Lancashire

When it comes to Pilates classes in Lancashire, there are a number of venues and instructors to choose from.

As Pilates has become increasingly popular, so the variety of Pilates classes in Lancashire has also broadened. It is important to select a class that suits your ability and what you want to achieve from Pilates.

At the time of writing, livepilates offers a range of Pilates classes in Lancashire. These include Beginners Pilates classes, Pilates classes specifically for those concerned with back care, Powerpaced Pilates, ladies only Pilates classes and mixed classes – because Pilates is for men as well as women.

Details of our venues and classes can be seen on our Timetable page. Each class is designed to be of the optimum ratio of students to instructors and is held in a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Livepilates believes that the venue and instructor is as important as the Pilates class itself.

Everyone, from beginners through to the more advanced, is welcome at our Pilates classes in Lancashire; for how to book, please see our Book a Class page.