Pilates Classes in Burnley

If you want to take Pilates classes in Burnley, there are several venues that offer a class or two and like most Lancashire towns, Burnley’s venues are generally either large, airy sports halls or small and Working Men’s Clubs where the environment can be too warm.

When taking Pilates classes, the venue is far more important than you might realise. Rooms in exercise centres are generally quite intimidating for many, so do not always make the ideal setting. Thanks to the increased popularity of Pilates classes all over the UK the number of Pilates classes in Burnley has also increased, but the variety of class types remains surprisingly mainstream.

At the time of writing, livepilates offers several different types of Pilates classes around Burnley aimed at specific groups of people looking to achieve specific things. They include beginners courses, ladies only and mixed classes but also Powerpaced Pilates and Pilates classes for back care.

Our Pilates classes near Burnley can be viewed on the Timetable page. All our Pilates classes are limited in size for the optimum level of support from our Pilates instructors and the venues are all friendly and relaxed to welcome everyone. At livepilates, we believe these factors are important to our success.

Everybody is welcome at our Burnley Pilates classes and we look forward to welcoming new members.