Australian reality star throws herself into Pilates fitness regime

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on August 6, 2019

Following an appearance on reality television, Lisa Carman had thrown herself into a new Pilates fitness regime in an attempt to get fit again.

Carman and her husband, Andy became familiar faces on Australian TV over recent weeks as contestants on reality show House Rules. The flight attendant and her firefighter husband have only been married for one year but were a solid team on the house renovation show, each playing to their strengths.

They may have lost out on winning but hasn’t stopped her from deciding to get fit and healthy. The show ended last month and Lisa revealed on Instagram that filming wasn’t great for her diet. Grabbing food whenever there was time and relying on sugary snacks to get through long filming days caused her to put on weight.

Now, with time back on her hands, she is throwing herself back into a fitness regime with Pilates at the core. She posted a snap of herself in workout gear in a studio in Adelaide having completed her fourth Pilates workout in four days.

She admitted that she hasn’t been this sore since her dancing days, adding:

“After four consecutive days in the studio I’m feeling stronger and more energised than I’ve felt for a long time.”

If you feel you need to kickstart a health regime yourself, Pilates is a great place to start. With classes all over the country from Chorley to Clitheroe and beyond, you can be sure to find a class with a qualified instructor to get you feeling strong and energised.

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