Bollywood musician uses Pilates as part of wellbeing routine

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on September 3, 2019

Salim Merchant recently spoke to Hindustan Times about how he stays healthy despite a busy lifestyle and discussed his love of Pilates as part of his wellbeing routine.

The music composer is renowned on the Bollywood circuit as part of the legendary duo Salim-Sulainam and has been making music with his brother for over 20 years. The 45 year-old is not only busy with work but family life as well and spoke to Hindustan Times about how he keeps himself well both physically and mentally.

Merchant emphasised that exercise is all down to individual preference and that it is important to find something you enjoy. He talked about how well he has been getting on with Pilates recently:

“Pilates does wonders for me so for the past 6 months I’ve been doing Pilates for 30 minutes a day, and another 15 minutes of weight training.”

Merchant then went on to describe his varied diet of home-cooked food, his occasional dietary indulgences and favourite meal out of butter chicken, proving that balance is key and that you can keep in shape while still treating yourself now and again.

Not only does Merchant keep himself in shape with Pilates and sensible eating, but he knows the value of a healthy mind too, commenting on the importance of a positive mindset and a generous attitude towards others.

If you would like to improve your physical and mental health, Pilates is a great way to start. With classes all over the country from Blackburn to Burnley, you can be sure to find a local class with a qualified instructor ready to help you.

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