Can Pilates get rid of morning sickness?

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Pregnancy means a change of lifestyle for many women, with smoking, drinking alcohol and eating sushi off the menu to keep healthy.  Instead, gentle exercise such as Pilates and light cardio should take their place.

According to research, light exercise means a healthier pregnancy, labour and delivery and even a healthier newborn baby.  Yet research also shows that around 4 in every 5 pregnancy ladies suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester.  This can be anything from a stomach upset to throwing up almost every day – and contrary to its name, morning sickness can last all day!

If you are suffering from morning sickness, the last thing you feel you can manage is some ‘light exercise’ so is it possible to prevent morning sickness?

According to American Pilates instructor Jillian Moriarty, for those with mild symptoms of morning sickness prevention is definitely possible, although it does mean moving, which is probably the last thing you want to do.

The deep breathing required in Pilates and yoga is ideal to start with because it helps with relaxation, reducing anxiety, stress and lower heart rate – all of which helps to combat that nauseous feeling.  Many of the gentle exercises in Pilates and yoga help to

internally squeeze and detoxify the liver and intestines, thereby removing excessive hormone build up that usually escalates a pregnant woman’s symptoms

When pregnant, pre natal Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes are ideal or even one to one Pilates sessions to learn a few gentle exercises ideal for pregnancy.

If morning sickness is preventing the ability to move and remain fit during pregnancy then it is important to find ways to relieve the symptoms.  Other techniques recommended include acupressure, taking Vitamin B, avoiding particular food types and drinks and eating small but frequent meals.

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