Four biggest benefits of a Pilate’s routine

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Pilates has been around for decades. There are a number of benefits to this form of low impact exercise, as you strengthen your core muscles, realign your skeleton and improve your posture. The four main benefits, which should enable you to decide if it is the right form of exercise for you, are:

1. Alignment

When your body is correctly aligned, your skeleton is balanced and there is no tension in your muscles, as they are held at their ideal length. Aches and pains, and general poor mobility, are usually caused when your body is not properly aligned, as this places strains on joints and ligaments. Pilates is the platform that will enable you to correct this, and ensure that your muscles are working to their optimum ability.

In time, whether you are on the move or resting, the impact that gravity has on your joints will be reduced. As you become more confident and your Pilates routines become more challenging, the potential for strain or injury is greatly reduced with improved alignment. Also, it’s often the case that posture automatically improves.

2. Strength

The main principle of Pilates is that you use your own bodyweight to create resistance for your muscles and to tone up. A structured Pilate’s routine works to strengthen the entire length of the body, and moves are carried out either standing, sitting or lying, meaning that muscles are worked in all directions. Your session will be as effective as the effort you put in, and over time you will feel stronger and more energised.

Improving your core strength will improve your health, and will work towards lowering your blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. A strengthened core reduces the tension and strain within the body, and can increase metabolism by building muscle.

3. Flexibility

Pilates is great in that it is one of the few exercise routines that provides a balance between strength and flexibility. As your overall fitness improves, aches and pains start to subside and muscles become less tight, so mobility improves. It promotes a range of movements within your joints, which helps you stand up to the normal wear and tear of age better.

Tension-free muscles lead to improved flexibility, which aids blood circulation to provide your energy boosts.

4. Stress Relief

Stress is an unfortunate factor of life today. Stress affects both your mental and physical wellbeing. Research has shown that exercise is a great remedy for stress. Pilates focuses on breathing, and how you breathe during the routine. Again, it has been proven that a pattern of deep controlled breathing can resonate feelings of calm throughout the body.

The relaxing of tense muscles encourages a feeling of calm and wellbeing. As with most exercises, Pilates releases endorphins that cause the body and mind to feel relaxed. Regular Pilates often leads to better regulated sleep, reducing the fatigue usually felt through the day.

As you can see, there are a number of great benefits to attending a Pilates class, and the end results speak for themselves.

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