Is music necessary in Pilates classes?

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Whether or not music should be used in Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes is often said to be a matter of preference, but there are times when it helps and times when it doesn’t.

In beginners Pilates classes, music is generally used sparingly. When people are new, it is important that they listen and understand the instructions being given by the instructor. A qualified instructor will ensure that the focus is kept on proper posture alignment, stability, breath control and maintaining that neutral spine position – rather than lyrics; many instructors choose relaxing, meditative music to avoid focus on lyrics.

Using the right choice of music, especially for those a little more used to Pilates movements, can be good to create a flowing sound to support smooth movement.

The only thing to be careful of when using music in Pilates classes is to avoid heavy rhythmic music that may encourage class members to choreograph the movements to keep a tempo. Class members move more naturally and generally get more from their class when allowed to move at a pace that suits their own body with their own individual variation – of course, this depends on the nature of the session and its goal but overall, individuals should be allowed to move with some individual variation.

Music can certainly enhance a class for those who have become used to the movements but certainly for new students, almost all instructors agree music should take a backstep.

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