Kate Hudson wows fans with her Pilates sing-song

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on March 5, 2019

Kate Hudson sang while working out on an Instagram video she shared with her fans.

A lot of people forget that the actress, fashion designer and author is also a good singer. She started combining singing with acting when she starred in Rob Marshall’s romantic musical ‘Nine’ in 2009. For that movie, Hudson sang over the trailer and performed several songs. Her performance of ‘Cinema Italiano’ surprised many and won her a lot of praise.

She also performed a rendition of ‘Nothing Compares to You’ by Prince at a charity event hosted by her mother, actress Goldie Hawn. Her bluesy version of the hit delighted everyone in the audience.

Yet, nobody was expecting her to be able to hold a note while working her way through a punishing Pilate’s routine, but, she did. There was no sign of any strain in her voice as she sang ‘Shallow’, Lady GaGa’s Oscar-winning song.

At the time, she was doing leg raises using a Gratz Cadillac. Despite her exertions, she still managed to hit all of the right notes. Hilary Swank commented on her Pilates singing performance, she said:

“OMG! I thought that was Lady Gaga singing while you did Pilates but it was YOU! Insane voice, gurl!”

Attendees of Pilates classes from Chorley to London benefit in some surprising ways. Many students who also sing find that their singing voice improves when they master Pilates. This is partly because Pilates requires a specific breathing technique that ensures the right muscles are engaged before each movement. The net result is that the diaphragm is strengthened and awareness of breathing improves, both of which are good for singers.

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