Kerry Washington wows at Golden Globes

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on January 20, 2020

Celebrities from around the world stepped on to the red carpet at the recent Golden Globe awards in Beverley Hills.

The ceremony is known for its casual atmosphere, occasional hard-hitting political statements or controversial hosts but like any other A-lister awards night, there are the showstopping outfits as well.

Kerry Washington, 42, stepped out in a high waisted skirt and open blazer which revealed her incredibly toned abs and core. Known for her roles in Scandal, Django Unchained and a host of other big screen and independent movies, this award-winning actress may not have been nominated in any Golden Globe categories this year but certainly managed to turn heads in other ways.

Clearly a dedication to fitness lies at the heart of Washington’s incredible physique and Pilates features regularly in her workout regime. A few years ago, she revealed her love of the discipline not just for its physical benefits but for how balanced an approach it is. Back in 2012 she said:

“Pilates has allowed me to be focused on my appearance and my health in ways which are not abusive or critical.”

Washington’s trainer of several years is Nonna Gleyzer, who has revealed in the past that Kerry is dedicated to her workouts and fitness. She has certainly worked hard for her body.

Pilates is great for getting into shape, strengthening up and getting some focused headspace. You don’t have to be aiming to be red carpet ready, but if you would like to gain some strength and muscle tone alongside a trained instructor, you’ll easily be able to get started nearby with classes all over from Chorley to Preston.

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