Kimberley Walsh, one of the singers from Girls Aloud, has dropped an impressive three stone and toned up, causing fans to comment on her trim waistline.

The singer shot to fame in 2002 as part of reality show ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ and alongside her bandmates has had incredible success in the pop charts over the years. Since then, she treaded the boards in Shrek, modelled and made television appearances.

The 38-year old mum of two has talked about her diet and exercise regime, which has helped her shed weight and tone up since the birth of her youngest son in 2017. She has adopted a healthy eating approach, substituting carbs for vegetables and using portion control to get on top of her calorie intake. On top of that, Walsh has revealed her use of Pilates to shape up. She uses zero gravity Pilates, a low impact form of exercise, to tone up. Walsh told The Sun:

“I’ve been doing zero gravity Pilates which is a tame version, it’s hard strength wise, for me that’s really good, to feel strong, I’ve never been great at cardio.”

Despite her aversion to cardio, Walsh isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. She tackled the daunting Kilimanjaro climb along with fellow celebrities in 2009 to raise money for Comic Relief. Her drive to reclaim her body after childbirth shows that her drive and determination is as strong as ever.

Pilates is a great way to gain strength and slim down without placing too much stress on the joints. With classes from Burnley to Preston, you can be sure to find a class near you when the time is right.