Leslie Ash includes Pilates in battle to walk again

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In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, actress Leslie Ash explained how she defied the odds of being able to walk again and how she incorporates Pilates into her weekly fitness sessions to continue her recovery.

Ash, who rose to fame in the TV programme Quadrophenia in the late 1970s and is known for starring in the likes of C.A.T.S Eyes and Men Behaving Badly since, suffered a devastating health blow in 2004 which left her unable to walk. While in hospital for a broken rib, she contracted a deadly strain of the superbug MRSA via an abscess on her spinal column. Despite being told at the time that she would never walk again, the 59 year-old actress and mum of two battled on to defy the odds.

She revealed that she has always tried to focus on the positives over the negatives and what she can do rather than what she can’t. She says that she goes to the gym four times a week to strengthen her legs and retrain her sense of balance plus she regularly partakes in Pilates, which not only helps her physically, but mentally too. She explains:

“I also do Pilates. I enjoy it. It does something good for my brain, all those endorphins.”

The result is not only being able to walk again, but even managing to walk mainly without the aid of a stick, only using it for busy places when she needs a bit of confidence.

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