Megan Fox credits Pilates for ‘Sexiest Movie Stars of All Time’ place

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Transformers star Megan Fox has pipped favourite Angelina Jolie to top place in the ‘Sexiest Movie Stars of All Time’ poll in Empire Magazine.

23 year old Megan Fox has taken place in many ‘sexiest’ voting polls over the last twelve months since her Hollywood debut and in several interviews the star has credited Pilates for her sleek figure and slim waist.

Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes are ideal for those who want to strengthen their body and improve posture without increasing bulk, and Megan Fox’s 22 inch waist is testament to this according to the star herself, who said in a New York interview with the media in January of this year:

“I do a lot of pilates. An immense amount of pilates.”

Fox also admitted of her workout – “It’s hard!” – which is probably something many people would not have thought of Pilates having simply watched it, but when they attend a regular Pilates class, almost everybody is surprised at the great workout they get.

Pilates certainly works the waist and core section of the body and many celebrities, actors and sports people alike, have credited Pilates with some aspect of their workout routine, frequently combining Pilates classes with cardio workouts.

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