Model Olivia Culpo reveals secret to defined abs

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on April 16, 2019

Model and actress Olivia Culpo recently revealed that Pilates was the reason for her enviably toned core, despite allowing herself treats now and again.

One glance at her Instagram snaps and it’s immediately obvious that she is a woman with incredible fitness and a sculpted physique. Her rock hard abs will be the envy of many.

Culpo is no stranger to hard work both in the pursuit of flawless looks and in carving out a successful career. She secured the Rhode Island beauty pageant title followed by Miss United States and Miss Universe in 2012, but more recently has added fashion designer to her skill set. She makes no secret of the fact that she also works hard to maintain her shape and fitness and recently told Hollywood Life:

“Pilates is a great workout, as it helps create definition in your abs.”

Culpo also takes a sensible approach to diet with a healthy 80/20 attitude, meaning that the occasional pizza can pass her lips so long as she’s disciplined the rest of the time, a mindset that is refreshing in today’s world of crash and fad diets.

Pilates is being taken up by people all over the country from Chorley to Rochdale and is a great way to not only create a toned, sculpted body but to improve health as well. Niggly aches and pains are often managed well with a structured Pilates plan, along with improved circulation, which can be a result of improved movement, helping the whole body to function better.

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