Pilates could spice up your sex life

Filed under: Pilates Info — Mark on March 11, 2016

Most people known that taking Pilates classes can help you to tone up your body and increase your fitness, but one of the things that most people do not realize, or at least do not talk about, is the fact that your sex life can benefit from it too.

One of the things a regular Pilates class can do is increase flexibility. This has obvious benefits in the bedroom, as it can increase the range of motions and positions a practitioner is able to get in to.

Of course, Pilates classes can also provide a workout for the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor muscles are important as they are the muscles that contract and relax during sex and orgasm, so strengthening them can lead to increased performance and pleasure during sex.

Yet another sexual benefit of regular Pilates classes is the fact that they tend to improve cardiovascular fitness, and this means that Pilates enthusiasts will have much more energy and staying power. Of course, this will help to prolong the duration of any intimate moments, allowing for increased pleasure and performance.

Additionally, regular Pilates practice will tend to increase body confidence by toning up wobbly areas and aiding weight loss, which tends to help people feel more comfortable and confident when getting intimate.

Lastly, Pilates will also help to improve concentration levels, which is a skill that can be put to good use in the bedroom by enabling you to focus completely on the moment.

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