Pilates equipment: the most popular items

Filed under: Pilates Info — Wayne on April 26, 2011

If you choose to take up Pilates classes in Lancashire, it is likely you will use certain types of equipment. Although not all Pilates techniques require equipment, it can be very helpful for getting the most out of the exercise.

Pilates equipment can vary in simplicity, ranging from mats to much more elaborate and specialised items. You will be introduced to simple mat-based exercises from the start of your classes as this is the most essential piece of equipment and gives you protection from any pains you could receive from exercising on a bare floor. Most mat exercises focus around the back and hips, and most people use them for carrying out their breathing exercises too. Once you start Pilates, buying a mat is recommended if you want to carry out the exercises you have learned at home in your spare time.

Possibly the most popular piece of more specialised equipment is the Pilates ball. However, not all Pilates classes will be equipped with them. At Live-Pilates, we use a range of equipment to help our students get the most from their Pilates classes and increase the number of calories you will burn while speeding up your exercise regime.

Exercise bands are also a useful addition to the equipment used, and if you attend Pilates classes in Lancashire, you will likely come across one. There are multiple types of exercise you can do with equipment, although you probably won’t be introduced to much more than the basic mat when you first start your Pilates classes as a beginner.

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