Pilates for pregnant women: what are the benefits?

Filed under: Pilates Info — Cathy on May 26, 2011

For pregnant women everywhere, Pilates classes are a great idea. When pregnant, exercising can be difficult, but Pilates will allow you to improve your strength and fitness, even at the later stages of the pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the back and abdominal muscles are put under increased strain. Pilates can gently allow you to exercise these muscles, resulting in them becoming stronger. This is useful for coping with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, but also for coping with the labour itself. Additionally, it can also improve your overall energy levels as well as giving you a general feeling of wellbeing.

The exercises carried out when pregnant are different from those you would do otherwise, so it is important you ensure you have an instructor who knows all about pregnant Pilates exercises. Importantly, you should never push yourself too hard, as you will be putting yourself and your baby at risk. Pay close attention to how you are feeling during your work out, and if you become out of breathe or feel faint or nauseous, you should tell the instructor and stop immediately.

After pregnancy, Pilates classes in Rawtenstall, Rochdale and elsewhere in Lancashire can also be useful for getting back into shape. Pilates is ideal for gently toning your body and more strenuous exercises could just end up in you injuring yourself, so they are best avoided. Any instructor who knows about pregnant Pilates exercises will be able to help you with post-pregnancy exercises too.

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