Pilates may be able to improve MS symptoms

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on May 9, 2011

Although most people who have attended Pilates classes in Lancashire know it has a huge range of different types of benefits on offer, new research suggests Pilates may be of use to people for reasons beyond simply improving strength and the condition of mind – it may actually have an implication with regard to treating a serious disease.

The disease in question is multiple sclerosis, and research carried out by Dr Barbara Giesser, a neurology expert at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggests Pilates may be able to improve patient’s symptoms.

Dr Giesser has reported that a lot of multiple sclerosis patients can potentially benefit from Pilates and it might be able to lower their fatigue levels while lowering spasticity and increasing flexibility (as well as improving overall strength). She suggests that MS patients may want to exercise in a pool, as within this environment they are at less of a danger of overheating (which can temporarily worsen the symptoms) and are able to exercise muscles (which may be weak) in an environment that doesn’t suffer the effects of gravity.

If a pool is unavailable, Dr Giesser suggests that patients use other methods to avoid becoming overheated, such as drinking plenty of cold water during the workout or by wearing specials clothes that can cool them down.

Pilates has long been known to aid patients who are suffering from many different conditions, although in a less direct sense than this. Whether the advantages can be seen by most MS patients is yet to be determined.

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