Rachelle Rowlings gets through post-partum depression with help of Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on February 4, 2020

Australian Instagram blogger Rachelle Rowlings has recently been showing off her toned abs and strong physique following the birth of her second child and attributes getting her pre-pregnancy body back to Pilates as well as a new plant-based diet.

The 32-year-old suffered post-partum depression after the birth of her second baby and after two caesareans, she is being honest about how difficult it has been to bounce back. Speaking on an episode of podcast Healthy-ish, she said how cautious she had to be about easing back into workouts despite desperately wanting to return to an exercise routine. She explained:

“I was doing a sit up at home and realised half my guts were sticking out of my stomach and I was like, ‘oh, I don’t think that’s actually a good thing’. It wasn’t a hernia, but it was a massive hole that essentially wasn’t a hernia yet, but was working itself towards a hernia.”

Fast forward 18 months from delivering her baby and she started to do some gentle Pilates sessions under the guidance of a good instructor. As her physical and mental health improved, she also opted for a plant-based diet to help her feelings of exhaustion and bloated-ness. If her latest Instagram posts are anything to by, the changes have been positive for both her and her family.

Pilates is a great option for women who are recovering from childbirth. The exercises are gentle yet effective and work on improving strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. With classes all over the country from Blackburn to Rochdale, you will have no trouble finding a class to suit you.

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