The antenatal benefits of a Pilates routine

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Many women worry about taking any exercise when they are pregnant, fearing that it may harm their baby, but the fact is, exercise can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise for pregnant women. Not only does it keep them fit, but it also aids relaxation and prepares their body for the coming birth of their child. This is why more women should be signing up for Pilates classes during the antenatal stages of motherhood.


There are many benefits to antenatal Pilates which make it the perfect form of exercise for pregnant women. Below are just a few of the most interesting advantages women may see when they undertake an antenatal Pilates class.

Aiding relaxation

Many antenatal Pilates classes focus significantly on relaxation. Instructors will focus on breathing techniques and gentle forms of stretching which relax and reinvigorate tired pregnant bodies. These classes can, therefore, reduce both the mental and physical stress that can trouble many women during pregnancy.

Prevent backache

One of the biggest medical problems experienced by pregnant women is backache. As their baby develops and grows, increased pressure is placed on the spine of expectant mothers and this can lead to backache and bad posture. By taking antenatal Pilates classes, pregnant ladies can avoid, or at the very least minimize, back problems by taking part in Pilates exercises that stretch out the spine and strengthen core muscles.

Strong pelvic floor

Pilates exercises are well-known for their ability to strengthen the pelvic floor and this is very useful to expectant mothers, who will very much need to have strong pelvic muscles during labour. It will also help them to keep their pelvic region in good condition after the birth.

Easier labour

Pilates can strengthen the oblique muscles and as these are the muscles most heavily used in the birthing process, women who take antenatal Pilates classes may well have an easier time when giving birth.

Fit and toned

Taking regular antenatal Pilates classes will also help to tone the body of pregnant women and develop their muscles. This will prove invaluable after the birth, when they will need to stay fit and strong in order to take care of their babies. It will also help them to bounce back into shape more quickly than they might do otherwise.

Taking antenatal Pilates classes

It is clear that antenatal classes can really help pregnant women in a number of ways, but it is important that they find a good instructor or reputable Pilates class where instructors have experience of teaching pregnant women.

They should also check with their GP that it is safe for them to do so. Further, pregnant women looking to undertake exercise should ensure that they drink more water and eat a little more food to compensate for the body’s demand for extra energy.

If all of these bases are covered, antenatal Pilates classes can really enhance the pregnancy of any woman.

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