Three tips for fitting Pilates into a busy schedule

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The trouble with life is that it’s busy. Whether you are a busy mum, office worker, young or old, most of us would admit that we usually find something else that ‘needs’ to be done, as opposed to completing that exercise routine. It is very easy to say that we are non-stop, from the minute we fall out of bed in the morning to the minute we fall back into bed of an evening

Actually, to become physically active is a far simpler task than you think. If you just incorporate it as part of your daily routine, before you know it, it’ll become second nature. Let’s have a look at three tips that can help you to fit Pilates into a busy schedule.

1. Make it part of your plan

This first tip sounds a little like it is stating the obvious, but it is vital in ensuring your success in implementing your plan.

We are always quick to shout about how busy we are and never have time to do anything else. However, most of us sit and watch a couple of hours of television each and every day. We all know, thanks to the wonder of media, that ensuring we exercise sufficiently is as important as a big client meeting or work deadline. You can either try to allocate Pilates time to your weekly calendar, or go to bed a little earlier, then get up a bit earlier and utilise the time to implement a routine. It’s surprising the difference even a little change can make, by reducing stress and battling depression.

2. Exercise on your lunch break

Learn to associate the midday period with exercise. A number of Pilates exercises can be conducted from a standing position and so could be done at work, such as sit-ups, push-ups or the infamous ‘plank’. There are many Pilates routines that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, meaning that you would still have time to grab a bite to eat before returning to work. Try and get a couple of colleagues on board; you can all help to encourage each other, leading us onto the third tip.

3. Find a partner

Working out with a friend keeps motivation levels up high, as you encourage and support each other. It also adds an air of obligation, as no one wants to be the person who pulls out. It can make the session more enjoyable, when you have a friend to talk to, often making the time pass so quickly it feels like it’s over before it’s begun.

These three tips are a great starting point to begin building on your exercise foundation. They can help to motivate, and make you create more time so you succeed in achieving greater levels of activity even with a busy schedule. Not only will you feel fitter and healthier as you strengthen your immune response; you will also be improving your body against heart disease and other illnesses, as your cardiovascular system strengthens.

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