Top 5 Benefits of regular Pilates classes

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It is well known now that exercise is great for you and Pilates is one of the top exercise classes recommended by many health and fitness professionals. However, to have the greatest effect you must do Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes on a regular basis – once every month or so just isn’t enough!

Here are the top 5 benefits of Pilates, although the list is by no means exhaustive:

• Increase strength and stamina without bulking up

As Pilates works primarily on your core muscles, i.e. those in your stomach, pelvic region and the back, it not only corrects your posture but means your stamina and strength is naturally improved too.

• Help prevent injuries and aid recovery from existing injuries

Due to the low impact nature of Pilates, doctors and medical professionals often recommend Pilates classes for those recovering from back injuries, whiplash and sports problems. By using Pilates to strengthen the core muscles and hence gain correct body movement through the right, natural posture, many sports injuries can be prevented.

This is why Pilates is so popular with fitness professionals such as David Beckham.

• Improve co-ordination and body balance

As Pilates helps to realign your spine and strengthen your core muscles, this in turn improves your balance and co-ordination – again helping to reinforce your body and prevent injury.

• Help relax and decrease stress levels

Pilates really helps you to understand your own body and how it works – this makes it easier for you to release tension and fight the stress of modern day to day living.

• Get plenty of other benefits without the pain

The ‘no pain no gain’ phrase you hear means nothing to Pilates. Pilates is a low impact, gentle form of exercise that includes plenty of stretching without putting stress on muscles or joints.

To encourage yourself to get into doing Pilates regularly, look for a course of sessions as this will encourage you to stay motivated.

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