Top 5 Health Reasons to do Pilates

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There are plenty of benefits cited for doing Pilates regularly.  Here are the top 5 health reasons why Pilates is recommended by doctors and fitness professionals worldwide:

1.    Posture improvement / Back pain relief

Top of the list as it applied to everyone is posture.  The spine supports the entire body; you don’t realise how important it is until you hurt it.  Modern living with television and computers means our natural S shape spine is lost.  Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes can re-align the spine and improve posture

Most back pain comes from poor posture, so by re-aligning the spine and improving posture, it is possible to get rid of lower back pain using Pilates.

2.    Sleep improvement

Sleep is absolutely essential for recovery and rest for our body but also for our mind as it is when we sleep that our minds sort through the day’s events.  Insomnia is at a disturbing level due to modern stress.  Pilates helps to stretch muscles and release pain and tension – as a result, your natural sleep responses are triggered and you get a better night’s sleep.

3.    Helps prevent osteoporosis

Half of women and 20 percent of men over 50 years old in the UK suffer from osteoporosis as their bones, especially the joints, become weaker.  Pilates can help avoid osteoporosis by improving balance and posture.

4.    Helps incontinence

Stress incontinence is surprisingly common and a common cause is weak pelvic muscles, especially following pregnancy or just with age.  Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and can cure incontinence.

5.    Aids injury recovery and prevention

Pilates is a low impact exercise, and thus suited to particular injuries like sports injuries or whiplash.  Pilates can help to improve and correct body movement.  With the improved core body strength and the right body movement, many injuries would be prevented in the first place.

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