Why mind/body fitness?

Filed under: Pilates Info — Cathy on August 12, 2009

When we talk about Pilates, we often refer to the mind/body connection and this phrase is used often in the sphere of health and fitness.  Although many sports and fitness activities do involve some form of mind to body connection, why should it matter?

Mind/body fitness or exercise means combining the body’s movement with some sort of mental or meditational focus, which usually incorporates visualisation, breathing techniques and relaxation.  Combining this with the physical movements gives greater value to the physical movement and can give better results.

Within Pilates, we concentrate on the breathing cycle throughout a movement as well as certain visualisation techniques to help strengthen the core muscles.  For instance, visualising pulling the belly button in towards the core often results in greater physical achievement.

Using a mind/body exercise technique such as those used in Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes also helps class members stay on track.  Physical exercise simply does not produce immediate results within hours or days so mind/body exercise with stress reducing benefits helps exercisers to stay focused and on track until those physical changes can be seen for themselves and are said to have other health benefits too.

So perhaps the question should not be ‘Why mind/body fitness?’ but rather, why not?

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