The growing popularity of Pilates classes everywhere

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Pilates remains a fast-growing form of exercise worldwide and no matter who you are and whatever walk of life you are from, most people have heard about Pilates or heard someone talking of its benefits.

Benefits of regular Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes include an increase in flexibility, better posture, greater range of motion and abdominal strength, amongst others.

Pilates takes its name from its founder, Joseph Pilates, and uses low impact exercises to stretch and condition the body. Although many talk of Pilates as increasing the body’s ‘core strength’, Pilates is one of those exercise forms that actually trains the entire body without over-developing or neglecting particular parts.

Celebrities attracted to practising Pilates classes or workouts regularly include the likes of David Beckham, Sarah Michelle-Gellar, Megan Fox, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Obama and more recently, Hugh Grant. This is of course only a short list of celebs.

Pilates is used for a growing number of reasons. Sports people and athletes use it to help train their body and prevent injury, GPs frequently recommend Pilates for those recovering from injury or suffering from lower back pain; Pilates is used by many people for all sorts of reasons from general health to specific needs, and it has been adapted for pre- and post-natal Pilates classes.

Perhaps the popularity of Pilates can be assigned to the benefits that other exercise and training formats, such as aerobics and weights training, cannot achieve.

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