Lady Gaga and Hilary Swank look swish thanks to Pilates

Filed under: Pilates Info — Wayne on August 20, 2010

Acclaimed actress Hilary Swank recently showed off her Pilates honed body whilst holidaying in Hawaii.

The 36 year old showed no signs of giving in to middle aged spread as she was pictured with John Campisi, who she has been dating for four years.

Swank, who (more…)

Can Pilates help with backache?

Filed under: Pilates Info — Wayne on April 29, 2010

If you suffer with a bad back – maybe you have a pinched nerve or muscular pain caused by bad posture – you may have problems keeping fit. If you’re in pain, the last thing you think of is to embark on a vigorous exercise regime.

If this is the case, it’s worth considering Pilates. Focussing on the core postural muscles, it aims to get your body in balance, which will provide support to your spine.

A good Pilates tutor (more…)

How to find a Pilates instructor

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on April 15, 2010

Whether you are a beginner or have done Pilates in the past, there are times when you may struggle to find a Pilates instructor. Perhaps you are on holiday or business in a strange area or have recently relocated, whatever the reason, when you want to find a Pilates instructor you will want to know how to find one and then how to know if the instructor or studio is any good. (more…)

Pilates machines versus Pilates classes

Filed under: Pilates Info — Wayne on March 24, 2010

In last night’s episode of Supersize vs Superskinny, TV presenter Anna Richardson was shown using a Pilates machine in a London venue and asked the question whether they really work. The conclusion from the serial dieter was that the Pilates machine did work her muscles and she certainly seemed to get a real sweat on.

With shopping channels such as QVC pushing Pilates machines, this begs the question (more…)

Tone up for summer with Pilates classes

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on March 17, 2010

As spring arrives, the winter hibernation is over and we can all start to look forward to warmer days, a holiday in the sun and the chance for ladies to wear a summer dress and bare our arms and for the guys to sport their shorts – but are our legs ready to face the world? We would all be forgiven for putting on a little weight over the winter period so now is the time to prepare our bodies and mind and tone up. (more…)

The maximum age to start doing Pilates

Filed under: Pilates Info — Cathy on March 10, 2010

When our bodies begin to age, we have a tendency to exercise less frequently. As we allow our bodies to become unfit, it becomes more difficult to get back into exercising. Yet, the older we become, the more important it is that we stay fit and exercise to stay healthy. (more…)

How can Equilates classes help your horse-riding?

Filed under: Pilates Info — Wayne on March 3, 2010

Equilates has become the term given for Pilates used to help those interested in improving in equestrian sport. If you want that winning edge over your competition, then your riding can be improved using Equilates.

With every rider, whether you like hacking or dressage, common issues include neck or body stiffness, lower back pain, excessive movement from the legs or arms and other problems that can be corrected using Equilates. (more…)

Can Pilates get rid of morning sickness?

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on February 12, 2010

Pregnancy means a change of lifestyle for many women, with smoking, drinking alcohol and eating sushi off the menu to keep healthy.  Instead, gentle exercise such as Pilates and light cardio should take their place.

According to research, light exercise means a healthier pregnancy, labour and delivery and even a healthier newborn baby.  Yet research also shows that around 4 in every 5 pregnancy ladies suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester.  This can be anything from a stomach upset to throwing up almost every day – and contrary to its name, morning sickness can last all day! (more…)

The growing popularity of Pilates classes everywhere

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on February 4, 2010

Pilates remains a fast-growing form of exercise worldwide and no matter who you are and whatever walk of life you are from, most people have heard about Pilates or heard someone talking of its benefits.

Benefits of regular Pilates classes include an increase in flexibility, better posture, greater range of motion and abdominal strength, amongst others.

Pilates takes (more…)

Do Pilates and meet your abs

Filed under: Pilates Info — Cathy on January 27, 2010

Those who talk about fitness often talk about the abs; many women want a flat stomach and many men want a six pack, and this is one of the reasons Pilates has become so popular in recent years because Pilates is all about the ‘core’. (more…)

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